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Savings Accounts……. do they still exist?

Savings Accounts……. do they still exist?

As most of us know we live in a “want it yesterday” society! Does the need for wanting everything right away hurt our ability to save?

According to a recent survey conducted by the US Today. Nearly a third of American adults don’t have any emergency savings account. This can be an alarming stat for sure.

Statistics do show we are going in the right direction though.

We are fighting out of the Great Recession. People are starting to save.

Generally speaking generations before us were better savers. Does this mean we are in trouble?

I don’t believe so. I feel the current generation manages their money differently then our parents and grandparents did. If one third of us aren’t saving much as the experts say we should. That means two thirds of us are!

Yes savings accounts do exist. Although the return you get right now on your accounts might not be something to write home about. They are there! So keep saving because you never know when you might need it!!

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