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FED Rate Increase, should you fear it?

Is the recent FED rate increase something to be afraid of.......

Back in December the FED's made the decision to increase the rate 1/4 of 1 percent.

This was the first increase since the Great Recession which began in 2006.

Confidence is growing again for consumers. Unemployment rates are down. Although the stock market did a self check last week most indicators show a positive outlook.

After almost a ten year absent of increases we all knew that eventually the time would come.

So what does this mean for us as consumers?

Unless we have a whole lot of cash lying around. It will more then likely cost us a little more to take out that student loan, buy that car or purchase your new home. Yes the cost of borrowing WILL cost us more.

On the flipside the return on our savings and or bonds and portfolio will also increase. I can explain what a savings account is next week!

The 1/4 of 1 percent rate increase may just be the beginning of further increases. Only time will tell. Stay the course, the recent increase is a good thing.

One quarter of one percent is very minimal in the big picture.

It is a sign that consumers are happy again.

So be happy and continue to consume and Don't be Afraid

As always Thank You for your time.

Next time: Savings Accounts, yes they can exist.


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